The Nerds


Known throughout the Starbucks community as Aldri, Aldren, Andre or Aladdin; Aldrin “AcorNayho” Cornejo is a level 3 Dungeon Master (4th edition compatible) that is often confused with the planet Alderaan (being peaceful and having no weapons).  He is a co-creator of the webcomic Abducted! (currently on hiatus, but still posted at and an apprentice storyboard artist at American Dad.  An avid user of ellipses and puns, you’ll never know when his train of thought will… trail… away… from the tracks.  (?)

Nerd references available upon request… but to save you some time, they include:

  • Star Wars (mostly the original trilogy)
  • Star Trek (from TNG to Voyager and the new film)
  • Lord of the Rings (The films)
  • Game of Thrones (The books AND on HBO)
  • X-Men (The comics and the films … maybe not so much The Last Stand)
  • Doctor Who (from the Ninth Doctor on.)
  • Dungeons and Dragons (4th ed.)
  • Magic: the Gathering
  • Most all board games
  • Nintendo Fanboy


Official Asian envoy to our nerd community, Monika hails from the distant land of…… Jakarta Indonesia, where nerdery is much spicier and sometimes gives you the runs. Monika is what many would call a “Born Again Nerd,” even though that is a made up term. Join her as she delves deeper into the nerd realms and learns what it means to nerd out so hard that your nose bleeds. Monika is also our resident hipster, so she will be teaching us what it means to like things before they were cool and love things only ironically.


A nerd for many things, Alley is mostly obsessed with puppets, Disney and UK television shows. She has a lot of old-lady hobbies like knitting, baking & collecting records. She’s kind of like your grandma, if your grandma does improv and blogs about being broke. Your grandma sounds awesome, by the way.  Alley keeps a blog called Your LA Friend and has an official website. Jealous?


Born on a distant planet and fueled by the energy of a dying star, Adam is one of those nerds who thinks he knows everything about everything and has no problem telling you so. It would behoove you to be right, else-wise you will be corrected. Adam also reads books and comics, and other things that have printed words. Archaic, I know. Maybe he is some kind of wizard? Probably not though…. Wouldn’t that be awesome if he was, and he was all like, “SHAZAM!!” and stuff happened? Yeah, it would. What were we talking about? Oh right, well, thats why fiscal policy needs to be reformed. Wanna get some coffee? Lets get some coffee.