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In Case You Missed It

Ben Wyatt is the resident nerd on NBC’s Parks & Recreation.  This week he told us why Game of Thrones couldn’t get cancelled, and then he bought a Batman costume. It was pretty much the coolest thing he’s done so far.


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Matt Smith Wins Best Sci Fi Actor

Last night Spike TV held its annual Scream Awards, like the Golden Globes, but for Spike TV fans. Matt Smith won Best Sci Fi Actor for his portrayal of the 11th Doctor, over Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Chris Evans. Doctor Who lost Best TV Show to Game of Thrones, and Karen Gillan lost Best Actress to Milla Jovovich of Resident Evil: Afterlife.

The show doesn’t air until Tuesday, however Spike has all the winners listed here.

Congratulations, Matt Smith!

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The Big Question

This week in the podcast I asked the nerds a big question. If they could go anywhere in time and space, where would they go and why?

We heard their answers, and now we want to hear from you!  Leave a note in the comments, we’d love to know where you would go!

Remember, the possibilities are endless, so go wild!

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What Should We Talk About?

Hey, friends! We hope you enjoyed our first podcast! We’re recording the next one tomorrow and would love to know if there’s anything you’d like us to talk about.  We’ve got a pretty good list of topics so far, as well as a pretty amazing Big Question, if I do say so myself.

So far we’ve been asked to talk about the Walking Dead, which starts again on Sunday on AMC. Are you as excited as I am? Zombies!

In the meantime, check out the fan-made opening titles for the show created by animator Daniel Kanemoto.

I’ll be honest, I like these titles better than the official ones. Maybe that’s just me.

If you have a topic you’d like to hear us discuss this week, leave it in the comments below!

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Are you team pie or team cake?

Pumpple Cake, the pie-cake hybrid

It’s the age old question; which is better, pie or cake?  Ok, maybe it’s not that old of a question, but it’s important and it’s just one of our topics of conversation in the podcast this week. Where do you land on this issue?

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