Who are we?

Standard NERDS!

Some people say it’s not cool to be a nerd, that being a nerd is by the very definition, uncool. Those people are wrong. Dead wrong. They don’t know what they’re missing.

Hello Nerds is a blog & podcast run by 4 cool nerds in Los Angeles drawn together by a love of Doctor Who. Each of us brings a different area of expertise to the table, creating a super collective brain trust of geek knowledge. It’s like Super Friends, or the kids from Captain Planet. You know, with the rings? That’s a thing, right? Planeteers, that’s right. That was a cool show.

Moving on, go ahead and subscribe to our posts, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, download our Podcasts, follow us home from work, etc. Maybe not that last one. We promise to keep you entertained and up to date on all things nerdy.

Hello Nerds!