iOS 5 Has Been Released

Today is an exciting day for iPhone and iPad owners! the new operating system, iOS 5 has been released! go get yours now!

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3 thoughts on “iOS 5 Has Been Released

  1. acornayho says:

    FYI it might take a while, especially if you want to back up all your stuff first. I am currently at step 3 of 5 syncing my iPad to my macbook before getting the upgrade. I can’t wait till my iPad 2 becomes technically brand new.

  2. acornayho says:

    Oh man this update is nerve racking. I feel like at any moment I could lose everything, but after much patience it seems things are going smoothly. How long should it take to restore all of my apps?! Yikes!

  3. Monika says:

    It took me four hours to get iOS 5 set up on my iPhone 3GS, not without it crashing a few times and almost breaking my brand new laptop first. What a rough journey, but the result is worth it 🙂 My old iPhone 3GS is like brand new again!

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