Snuff Box Finally Hits the US

Rich Fulcher & Matt Berry

Are you ready to have your world rocked by comedy? If you answered yes, I’ve got just the show for you. In 2006 the UK aired one of the most bizarre shows ever put on tape. It’s called Snuff Box and stars Matt Berry (IT Crowd, Mighty Boosh) and Rich Fulcher (Mighty Boosh), who play a hangman and the hangman’s assistant, respectively. The format is where it can get a little confusing. It’s a mix of sketches and story, but it’s not a straight sketch show or sitcom.

The first thing you should know about Snuff Box is that it’s not for everyone. The characters aren’t likable, the sketches are pretty vulgar, and sometimes you’ll wonder how any of this ever made it to air. This is definitely not a show to watch with your kids, or your parents, or the friends you don’t know too well. It could get weird.

Snuff Box is out on DVD in the US today for the first time, but it’s not available on Netflix, so how do you know if you’ll like it before you buy it? If you like the style of South Park, Stella or Mighty Boosh, you should check out Snuff Box.

While some aspects of the show are completely off the wall, others are quite mainstream. Rich Fulcher’s Rapper With A Baby song, for example, has a pretty broad appeal. (NSFW though, F-Bombs ahead)

Then there’s Awkward Moments Coffee, the coffee for moments that are just too awkward for words.

My favorite bit from the show overall is the Rude Song. The only way I can really explain how this is funny is that it’s just so unexpected. Snuff Box has so many moments that are so unbelievable and weird, you can’t help but laugh.

Check out Snuff Box on Amazon. The first time I watched the episodes, I was confused and a little offended, but something about it stuck with me. Berry & Fulcher have such strong characters that grow on you by the second viewing. If you do check it out and like it, know that you’re one of the cool kids now. Tell your friends, they’ll be impressed.

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