Nerds vs Geeks


Which side are you on?

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4 thoughts on “Nerds vs Geeks

  1. I too have recently been pondering the variances between nerdom and geekdom and I think this is a good start.

  2. Alley says:

    The Nerd doesn’t seem to know where the computer mouse should be… Would a nerd/geek crossover be a neek or a gerd?

  3. acornayho says:

    I’m not sure I entirely agree with this depiction of the difference, since it seems one side likes Star Trek and the other likes Star Wars and I like both (including Battlestar Galactica). I’ve heard it said that the difference is that a geek is pretty general, since it basically means “excited about x” where “x = something very specific”. For example, you can be a Nintendo geek, or a tech geek, or a comic book geek. Geeks are overly passionate about the things that they like. A Nerd is more closely connected to matters of intellectual growth, and is more associated with all things academic. You can be a math nerd, a science nerd, or an english nerd. Some may suggest that nerds are actually a sub category of geeks, in that they are excited about learning (if you follow the above formula). Many a nerd, including the guys at the Nerdist Podcast find this suggestion offensive because it makes it appear that the geek spawned the nerd. Apples and oranges people. Macintosh and PC. May the Force be with you. Engage.

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